Big Bang Theory - Penny's Santa Hat Penny's Santa Hat - handknit Penny's Santa Hat - handknit

Inspired by a request to make a hat like Penny's...

I have come up with a hat that looks like Penny's hat on the Big Bang Theory's Xmas episode. It appears to be a mass produced item that is no longer available but I can make a hand knit hat for you.

I'm happy to make the hat in either the same santa colors or in the colors of your choosing for non holiday wear.

Email me at [orders AT] to discuss colors or click below to order one in traditional Santa colors.

Hats are machine washable but it's recommended to wash by hand. They're stretchy and should accommodate most head sizes.

Cost: $70 (includes first class shipping in US)

IMPORTANT NOTE: These hats will be made to order. Please remember that handknits are a labor of time for me.

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Order early to insure delivery before Christmas season!

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